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is a web based solution developed for companies to enhance their business giving customers the satisfaction to call from the website of the host company to a dedicated customer service line. It is functionallyrich on demand solutions that do not require large up-front investments and can be provisioned on a monthly basis at no risk to the company.

Who is it for?

Web-Connect is ideal for companies that are passionate about their customers – companies that believes that when the customers get satisfied through the quality of service they generate more revenue.


  • Our Web-Connect service provides SMEs with the following benefits:
  • Low start-up cost; small initial cash outlay
  • Generally lower total cost of ownership
  • Relatively small monthly payments that come out of your operating budget instead of capital budget
  • Our responsibility for system installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • Few in-house technical resources required at your end to support the applications
  • Ease of scaling down and up
  • 24/7 availability


  • Ability to receive multiple calls on a single line
  • Ability to receive inbound office calls on internet enabled mobile devices on the go.

Mobile Payment

With Mobile offering Solution, subscribers can make related payment to your designated account through direct account debit or prepaid cards

VOIP Solution

it provides a medium whereby all branch offices of an organization can be linked together in a VOIP cloud such that staff in any of the branches can call one another seamlessly.